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Interactive Media Kit
The Interactive Media Kit allows you instant access to information about more than 220 Community Newspapers, including ROP/insert/recruitment rates, sizing, maps, demographics, and special sections. Designed with you in mind, the data is easily searchable, has multiple sort functions, and simply exported to your computer. Click here to learn how.

Display Advertising
Display advertising, which is also referred to as run-of-press (ROP) or on-page, is the best-known newspaper advertising option. Display advertising allows for short deadlines and proximity to editorial , which enhances visibility. The effectiveness of display advertising can be increased through the use of colour, a special section, or an advertorial. Ad*Reach can help to get your message out across the province or to just one community, and makes display advertising a very flexible and cost effective medium.

Inserts, which are also called free-standing-inserts (FSI) or flyers, are the fastest growing type of newspaper advertising, and for very good reason. With inserts, advertisers can have complete control of the production process, coupled with the ability to target specific neighbourhoods. With the growing use of combining newspaper distribution data and census data, much more sophisticated media campaigns are possible. Given this, it is not surprising that over 2.5 billion flyers are sent annually by Ontario’s community newspapers. Ad*Reach has the ability to provide clients a range of distribution options and tools, including our Market Analyzer GIS mapping software, to maximize the advertising investment.

Press Services
Press services, including press releases, public service announcements, and features, is a very affordable way to get your message to our readers through a very trusted source, their community newspaper. Editors are always looking for interesting stories that affect their local communities; making press services a win-win program for advertisers and newspapers. Our press service will format and distribute your releases to 400+ community newspapers in Ontario, with a circulation of over 5 million. All releases are sent directly to editors and production coordinators each week by e-mail, and available for 12 weeks on the OCNA web site. A press clipping service is included so you can track which newspapers ran your release.

Display Classifieds
Display classifieds offer the greatest visual impact in the classified section. Whether you are looking to recruit employees or inform the public through legal notices, display classifieds are the best means to grab our readers attention. Display classifieds differ from traditional classifieds in that they are not billed according to words, but space. Usually display classifieds include images such as company logos, employee photos, and maps. Special classified sections, such as career and legal, are designed for display classifieds.

Network Classifieds
Network classifieds are an affordable means to advertise across Ontario and all of Canada. With our network of 190+ newspapers in Ontario and 600+ nationwide, your ad can reach most of the country for around $2 per paper. For more information, call our sales co-ordinator at 416-923-7724 or go to www.networkclassified.org.

Online Advertising
As more people turn to the Internet for daily news, entertainment and communication, there will be more opportunities to reach and engage consumers about your products and services. With online advertising, your content can be published quickly and effeciently, without limiting your potential client base.

Your leaderboard advertisment (728 x 90 pixels in dimension) could be seen in all 189 community news sites Ad*Reach represents, or a single, targeted market of your choice. Download a copy of our online rate card, or contact an Ad*Reach representative for more information.