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Why Community Newspapers
The power of advertising in community newspapers is well proven, just ask our clients.

“The use of Community Newspapers and its emotional connection with its readers has proven to be a highly successful and profitable media choice for our clients. Its targetability, the use of integrated messages, on page and distribution, allowed us to provide relevant offerings to different groups at the same time, in a highly cost effective manner.” Geoff Seigel, MediaRite Marketing. Community newspapers continue to be the best way to reach your customers each week, and Ad*Reach makes using community newspapers even easier.

Ontario’s community newspapers provide advertisers with access to 5.8 million readers in 4.1 million households – the highest average reach of any media in the market. It is not surprising then that almost all of Canada’s largest advertisers are consistent users of community newspapers. Community newspapers offer the reader a unique source of local news, entertainment and events that cannot be found in any other media. Advertisers can take advantage of our member’s close connection with the community to get their message read. “For many of our clients, community newspapers offer a unique opportunity to contact consumers in a medium that speaks to people about their neighbourhood issues and events.” Bob Armstrong, MacPhee Inc.

Community newspapers also offer the ability to target your most important customers through precision flyer distribution. In Ontario alone, community newspapers deliver over 2.5 billion flyers annually, making us one of the largest distributors in the country. Ad*Reach can make using flyers even more effective by using our research tools and mapping software to make sure your inserts are reaching only the people you want, when you want.

To our readers, we are more than just another source of advertising. We are a leading citizen within the community and a trusted friend. The combination of quality editorial, local news content, quantifiable reach and a variety of distribution options, makes community newspapers one of the most powerful marketing tools.